New Year's diet guide, enjoy delicious food without gaining weight~! ! Part Two


Come on~ Continuing from the previous episode, here we will share more dietary strategies for you:

Give priority to sugar-free drinks <br>Ministry of Health and Welfare pointed out that most commercially available sugar-sweetened drinks contain added sugar, fermented milk, etc., and the ingredients used (noodles, taro balls, vermicelli, pudding, etc.) also contain sugar In the case of long-term drinking, it is easy to cause obesity and increase the risk of chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome.

Cakes can be tasted <br>Refined starches, such as white toast, bread (except for whole wheat flour), white noodles, pasta, rice noodles, winter noodles, river noodles, rice noodles, glutinous rice balls, rice balls, etc., because After multiple processing, the absorption and digestion speed is faster after eating, which will cause large changes in blood sugar and easily cause muscle hunger, so it is recommended to taste it lightly.

Avoid fried foods <br>Fried foods use more oil in the cooking process, and fats can provide 9 calories/g, compared to 4 calories/g of protein and sugar However, it is much higher! Therefore, if you eat more fried foods, you will take in a lot of calories without knowing it. If you really want to eat, you should control your intake!

Eat 70% of your meals <br>There is a saying: "Eat 70% of your meal, and you will live healthy and old". This sentence has been verified by scientific research! According to dietitian Liu Yili, in recent years, various experiments have emphasized that "Too full" will burden the body, while "seventy full" can improve the body's metabolism and delay the body's aging.

Exercise a lot <br>Exercise helps to consume excess calories. The Ministry of Health and Welfare also pointed out that 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, or 75 minutes of strenuous physical activity per week, can make our body achieve the most basic health effect!

We will share our Chinese New Year food strategy here~ Thank you for reading~

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Published on 2022/01/28 by Fatty Ali