How to relieve the discomfort of delayed onset soreness?

So this time, let’s talk about how to help the body relieve the soreness if you are really sore the next day~ (If you enjoy it, it’s another matter)
1. Self-myofascial rolling It is common to use rollers, massage balls and other tools for massage. Scientists speculate that when the fascia is rolled, other sensory receptors will be stimulated to send new signals to the brain, overriding the original pain signals, and alleviating the discomfort caused by DOMS.
2. Slowly increase the amount of exercise training
Excessive eccentric contraction training (such as downhill running) should be avoided at the beginning of training. You can do concentric contraction activities in each exercise course, and then slowly increase eccentric contraction activities.
3. Supplement vitamin E and C to reduce the degree of muscle tissue damage (although I know junk food is very happy to eat...)
4. Rest. If you really want to exercise but are sore, you can do some low-intensity exercise.
But if a day without exercise keeps you from tossing and turning,
Maybe it's time to deeply realize whether you have regarded exercise as stress and didn't enjoy it!
5. Increase blood circulation in the sore area, such as taking a bath,
Or wear #V2 calf sleeves with graduated compression, socks, etc.
6. Use of open-shelf drugs (please consult your doctor and pharmacist), such as painkillers, sore ointment, etc.
I also use the above methods frequently.
If you have discomfort other than muscle soreness, please be sure to seek the help of a doctor!
If you have any different ways to relieve muscle soreness, please let us know!