How did Shun Shun come about?

We often say: "This dress is so comfortable to wear! It feels so smooth!"

This is all traceable.

The fabric needs to be smooth, and the denser the knit, the smoother it will feel.
The most important reason is the fabric.
Just like buying the right piece of top-quality steak, it is not far from the deliciousness of ecstasy.

Therefore, from the perspective of sportswear,

Let's discuss how to express "smoothness" with the most common nylon fabric:

What is nylon?
Do you often hear the word #nylon when choosing sportswear?
Because he has the advantages of strong, smooth, light weight, insect-resistant, mildew-resistant and quick-drying.

Nylon itself has many subdivisions, such as nylon 4, nylon 8, nylon 510, nylon 6 and nylon 66, etc. Among them, nylon 66 is much higher than other prices, just like filet is a very delicious part of steak. generally.

In addition, the weight of the fabric is also a key, I believe no one wants to have a lot of burden when exercising! So to be smooth, Danny has to pick as few as possible!

#Danny what is it?
In vernacular, Danny is the weight unit of fiber,
Nylon for sportswear on the market mostly falls between 50 and 150 deniers, but we use nylon 66 with 20 deniers .
To put it bluntly, it is a heavyweight equipment with almost full skills.

Nylon 66 fabric is quite smooth to the touch, and its heat resistance is better than other nylons, making it cooler and more breathable in terms of wearing experience.
It has both tactility and function, and is an uncommon choice in the market, because big brands will spend more on marketing budgets.

The high-quality fabric is as breathable and light as wearing a second skin, and you won't feel its presence.
Sometimes, just touch Movefree I'll be in a good mood!