2124 x Jian Lingqi


[Character stories|Sports, let me hear a better version of myself]

Jian Lingqi is a hearing-impaired athlete who was born with severe hearing loss in both ears.
Jian Lingqi accidentally won the running championship in the second grade of elementary school, and found that running can bring her full confidence and strength.
In 2009, she was selected into the Tingao track and field team , which confirmed her life track.

However, an accident in the pre-match training severely injured her head and spine, which completely extinguished her enthusiasm for sports.
In 2015, after many years of rest, Jian Lingqi returned to the sports field by chance. Despite many inherent obstacles, she gradually emerged in the triathlon and slowly regained her energetic self.
In 2020, it was decided to switch from sprinting to pole vaulting, and to move forward with the goal of the 2022 hearing-impaired Olympics.

No matter how many obstacles there are, enthusiasm can "support" everything.

【QA|What is the most challenging thing about the hearing-impaired?】

Not feeling challenged, this is a problem that has existed in society for a long time,
People still don’t know enough about disabilities, thinking that what we need is sympathy,

In fact, what we want is respect and empathy.

The degree and condition of each of us with hearing impairment is different, such as being able to speak,
Some people's pronunciation is not very standard, and some people think that he is from which country. This is a very interesting example.

Bullying, my elementary school has very good publicity and education for people with disabilities, and my classmates are pretty good.
But going to cram school every day after school is hell.
My classmates in the cram school and I are in different schools. There is no publicity and education on disabilities in their school, so they will bully because they don’t understand that others are different.

When you were in elementary school, the teacher would force you to report on stage. At that time, there were no translators.
When I give a speech on stage, I care most about what I say, whether my classmates can understand what I am talking about,
Fortunately, the comprehension skills of the students are very good, and they will not make things difficult.

Later, when I went to university, I finally got a translator.
As long as I report on the stage, I will explain the report instead of me, and I can actively raise my hand to answer questions.
Let me have a good performance.
In the future, I would like to wait until after the Olympics before continuing to apply for graduate school!

[Jane Lingqi Quick Questions and Answers]

📣Did you get any special sense of accomplishment from pole vaulting?

Jian Lingqi:

Yes! Even as a completely new me, I can still do it!
Like a triathlon, I can't swim, but I did it.
There is a feeling that I have never tried how to know where my abilities are.

📣 Have you ever inspired anyone, or been inspired by anyone?

Jian Lingqi:

There were a lot of people, but I don't remember anyone.
All of a sudden I'm told I'm great, I'm influenced and stuff like that, and I'm really touched.

📣 Do you have a favorite athlete?
Jian Lingqi:

No, but I admire those players who are unknown and work hard silently, and I will observe them carefully.