5 ways to stop the panic of the epidemic



Seeing the news full of news about the epidemic, the traces of confirmed cases, the panic buying and stockpiling in supermarkets and other epidemic prevention phenomena, it seems that we began to feel uneasy and start to panic...

Will we lose our jobs? Should we call off the wedding? Should the stocks in hand be paid out?

Fear is because we cannot grasp the unknown of the future, so we are anxious, panic, and afraid. Anxiety for a long time will cause invisible and huge pressure to cover our daily life and affect our physical and mental health.

However, the epidemic will not disappear quickly, and will exist for a period of time. The subsequent impact of work and changes in material resources have created fear, pressure, anxiety and powerlessness psychologically. Therefore, during the epidemic period, the first priority is stability and self-care.


During the epidemic, 5 tips teach you how to adjust and maintain physical and mental health

1. Reduce speculation

The most timely news may not be the most correct.

It is of course important to have the correct information, but in an era of rapid and explosive information, too much information will be difficult for people to digest. Choose the right source of information (such as official, or reliable media), and control the frequency of obtaining information, so as to avoid too much information from making you lose the ability to judge.

Recommended Media>> Taiwan Fact Check Center : A media dedicated to combating fake news and ending rumors!

Reduce speculation

2. Tidy up the room:

It is inevitable to be irritable after staying at home for a long time. The action of tidying up can make our thoughts clearer.

It will also calm our emotions, make the environment around us controllable, and relieve the panic and pressure of the mind.


3. Physical, mental and spiritual exercise:

Try to close your eyes and meditate for 5-10 minutes, temporarily leave your mobile phone and the Internet, let yourself calm down, adjust your breathing and clear your head; or open a yoga teaching video, try to stretch your muscles and relax your tense body. It will reduce anxiety, stress and panic in our body and mind.

yoga exercise

4. Do something you like , like listening to your favorite music, watching a movie you like, etc.

5. Talk about feelings, express your emotions , and observe your own emotions, such as writing a diary.

I believe that the above 5 small methods can make our body and mind more relaxed, stop the panic of the epidemic, "correct and return" our body and mind, and make our lives healthier!

Editor: Fu

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