What exactly is Lycra?


Lycra is an elastic fiber developed by an American fiber research and development company, so people often say Lycra fabric, what is Lycra?

To put it simply, Lycra is a branded elastic fiber, which is about a high-end priced fabric brand. In general sportswear, most brands will only label Spandex, which is commonly known as elastic fiber, but it is not known what price and quality elastic fiber it is.

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In addition, they created the original PCE performance index to measure the performance of their fabrics, which are analyzed from three aspects: comfort index, energy index, and power index . 2124 In order to minimize the binding during the training process, it is necessary to show high comfort and high extensibility of the fabric, so Lycra's sports fiber is selected.

As shown in the figure below, this pair of trousers is analyzed by Lycra's PCE index, which tells you the performance of each piece of fabric in these three aspects (PCE).

Each piece of fabric is mostly horizontally stacked and woven in the weaving method, so no matter how poor the elasticity of a piece of clothing, it will basically have the most basic weaving method. In the PCE performance index, in order to show that Lycra has high elasticity and high recovery force, it is scored from the horizontal and vertical directions of the fabric, so as to tell you which direction has better elasticity and which direction has better comfort.

Then let's take a look at the performance of Lycra in all aspects one by one!


Pi index:

Lateral performance: 6/10

Vertical performance: 8/10


The binding force is high when pulled straight on, allowing the trousers to last longer and last longer during high-intensity activities.

Ci index:

Lateral performance: 7/10

Vertical performance: 9/10


It's easy for your knees to get caught in your pants when you squat. When the Ci value is high, it represents high comfort and excellent elasticity without being stuck.

Ei index:

Lateral performance: 6/10

Vertical Performance: 2/10


In the performance of various sports conditions, the vertical performance is more significant, and the lower Ei value means that the effort is lower and more comfortable.

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