Chinese New Year diet strategy, enjoy delicious food without gaining weight~! part one


We will welcome the Chinese New Year in a few days! I think everyone is looking forward to the New Year’s Eve dishes as I do. Thinking about Buddha jumping over the wall, fried rice cakes, king prawns, ginseng silky chicken soup, steamed grouper... the mouth is watering ~

But!!!!!! Damn it~ If you accidentally eat too much of such a big fish and meat, not only will your stomach feel uncomfortable, but it is also not very good for your health. Although it is okay to have a big meal with your family during the holiday, But for friends who have some chronic diseases or need to pay attention to diet, here are some tips for your reference! How to avoid landmines while tasting delicious food? Come and see!

Eat more vegetables and fruits <br>Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Vitamins have various physiological effects and are beneficial to health. Dietary fiber can shorten the time for feces to pass through the intestinal tract, avoid constipation, and reduce harmful Substances are absorbed, lower serum cholesterol, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Avoid thickened soups <br>Thickened foods usually contain high fat, salt and sugar. For diabetics and gout patients, they should eat less thickened foods. Diabetic patients should eat less fat-rich foods, try to eat a light diet that is not too salty, and eat less foods rich in refined sugars; gout patients must maintain an ideal weight, and a high-fat diet is closely related to obesity, so gout patients Foods with high fat content should be eaten less.

Use less dipping sauces/sauces <br>Everyone must have heard of this diet landmine—sauces, such as oily Thousand Island salad dressing, mayonnaise, honey mustard, etc., have more than 500 calories per 100g, and the calories are slightly The low Japanese style sauce has a sodium content of 1175mg per 100g. Our daily sodium intake should not exceed 2400mg. Be careful not to exceed it!

Refuse fatty meat/chicken skin <br>Excessive intake of cholesterol, animal fat, and calories can easily increase blood cholesterol. If your cholesterol has exceeded the standard, you must pay attention to your diet!

Do you have any dietary tips for Chinese New Year? We have more dietary tips here, and the answers will be revealed in the next article~! !

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Published on 2022/01/27 by Fatty Ali