What is CompreXupport Tech™?

什麼是CompreXupport Tech™?

What is CompreXupport Tech™?

CompreXupport Tech™ is a registered trademark of 2124 and also a patent of 2124. CompreXupport Tech™ is derived from the combination of Compression (compression) and Support (support), providing end products with the perfect performance of both.

  • Compression provides muscle stability and accelerates blood return, just like a pump.
  • Support is to maintain posture and reduce tearing injuries caused by muscle shaking during exercise.

The essence of craftsmanship
Prioritize wearing comfort

Different from the hot and humid airtight and difficult to put on and take off caused by tight compression clothing in the market; the materials used by CompreXupport Tech™ are both breathable and functional, light and comfortable, perfect to put on and take off without sticking to the body.

MIT top
Material technology and garment technology

The material is MADE IN TAIWAN's patented process, combined with nearly half a year's experience in the pattern design experience of a professional pattern maker in a major sportswear manufacturer, we combine CompreXupport Tech™ related technologies with related applications in sports intimate apparel.

In the future, CompreXupport Tech™, a patented technology, will be applied to more professional sportswear fields to provide consumers with a more perfect wearing experience.

technology application
Unique ergonomic design

At present, we have applied CompreXupport™ technology to 2124's calf sleeves, as well as girls' fitness pants and sports underwear. Our designers are people-oriented. During the development process, we repeatedly test products with professional athletes, collect feedback data every time, and constantly adjust Jingjin looks forward to making everyone who wears 2124 sports have the most comfortable experience.