recommend! A-level Baiyue route


Do you also want to try mountaineering because you are shocked by the scenery of Baiyue?
Then you can't miss the few A-level Baiyue that I want to introduce to you today~

👉Main peak of Yushan Mountain: Altitude: 3,952 meters

The main peak of Yushan Mountain is the top of the mountains in Taiwan. Its hiking trails are easy to walk, and most of them are gentle slopes. Generally, the itinerary for two days and one night is to walk from the 0K point of the Tatajia mountaineering entrance to the Paiyun Mountain Villa at 8.5k overnight, and then from the Paiyun Mountain Villa in the early morning of the next day. Walk lightly for about 2.3k to the top of the main peak of Yushan Mountain, and return to Paiyun Mountain Villa to go down the mountain with heavy equipment.

👉Qilai Nanhua Qilai Mountain South Peak: 3,358 meters above sea level Nanhua Mountain: 3,184 meters above sea level

The Qilai Nanhua route, known as the golden prairie, can pick up Qilai Nanfeng and Nanhua Mountain. Tianchi Villa can be arranged for overnight stays. The so-called five-star Tianchi Villa is not only clean but also has sufficient water sources , as well as modern toilets, the villa is built with logs, and you can smell a faint wood fragrance when you step into the mountain house. For a long time, if you arrange a two-day and one-night itinerary, you need to walk 13.1K to Tianchi Mountain Villa on the first day, and then go back to Tianchi Mountain Villa with light equipment on the next day and then go down the mountain again. The single-day distance is about 21.9K. It will still be a bit strenuous for newcomers to Baiyue. If possible, it would be easier to arrange three days and two nights, or it would be better to do a few months of physical training before the trip!

👉Snow Mountain Main Peak East Snow Mountain: Altitude 3,886 meters Snow Mountain East Peak: Altitude: 3,201 meters

The main peak of the snow mountain is the second highest peak in Taiwan. The scenery along the way is quite beautiful and unique. For example, places such as the tarmac, black forest, and circle valley are all suitable places for taking pictures, especially when the cold snap hit the snow mountain a while ago. There is a thick layer of snow, which attracts many climbers to go up the mountain to enjoy the beautiful scenery! "Slope" is also very painful, but it should not be underestimated! The two Baiyue routes can be arranged for two days and one night, and overnight at 369 Villa.

👉Jiaming Lake Sancha Mountain: 3,496 meters above sea level Xiangyang Mountain: 3,603 meters

The traditional route of Jiaming Lake is very popular, especially the mountain house has a low winning rate. Therefore, in recent years, there has been another route. From Jiemaosi Mountain Pass to Jiaming Lake, the mountain house cannot be camped at night. . If you arrange the itinerary according to the traditional route, there are several combinations. You can choose to stay at the Xiangyang Mountain House on the first day, stay at the Jiaming Lake Refuge Mountain House on the second night, or choose to live at the Jiaming Lake Refuge Mountain House on both days. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can arrange three days and two nights or four days and three nights according to your physical fitness, and there are even two days and one night itinerary. The traditional Jiaming Lake route also has a crying slope! Therefore, physical training before the trip is also necessary, and it needs to be treated with caution!

👉Hehuan Peaks Hehuan Mountain Main Peak: 3,417 meters above sea level Hehuan Mountain East Peak: 3,421 meters above sea level Shimen Mountain: 3,237 meters above sea level North Hehuan Mountain Peak: 3,422 meters above sea level West Hehuan Mountain Peak: 3,145 meters above sea level

Among the Hehuan Mountains, Shimen Mountain is considered the most suitable for all ages. It takes about 30 minutes to arrive from the mountain entrance. The main road of the main peak of Hehuan Mountain is wide and easy to walk. Baiyue, the second most difficult of the above four is the North Peak of Hehuan Mountain. Although the length of the trail is only about 2.3K, the slope is trembling, but the outlook is excellent, and you can also see the well-known reflectors. There is also a West Peak among the Hehuan Mountains. However, this Baiyue Mountain is more difficult. Although it is also classified as A-level, you need to reach the North Peak to reach the summit of the West Peak. There will be many steep climbs and steep descents. ), friends who want to attack alone should evaluate their physical strength before going!

The difficulty level of the A-level Baiyue introduced today is not high, and most of the routes and trails are clearly marked, but after all, the altitude of Baiyue is more than 3,000 meters. If you have not climbed Baiyue or have no exercise habits, you still have to go Do pre-trip physical training, consult with your family doctor whether your own condition is suitable for climbing, and ask the doctor to prescribe drugs to prevent altitude sickness. If you are not familiar with the route, you can also find a professional guide to report to the group. It will be safer! The Baiyue people who shared today Have you all climbed? Come and share your mountain climbing fun with the editor!

Published on 2022/03/24 by Fatty Ali