2124 x Kaling Law


Many people think that learning Taekwondo is useless. If you ask me what Taekwondo means to me, I just want to prove its value. Many things are said to be useless, but we don’t understand it.

There are wins and losses in the game. For me, if I lose, I face failure calmly, which is to cry a lot. Every punch is like fighting against the inner fear, and every spinning kick is like kicking away the inner timidity. And when I won victory after victory, I gained confidence, courage and optimism from it.

You say taekwondo, is it useless?

I said, "Taekwondo made me see a better version of myself."

Luo Jialing

●World ranking: 12 ( W-57 kg)

●Olympic Rank: 17 ( W-57 kg)

17 years old 2018 - World Junior Taekwondo Championships - 55 first place

18 years old 2019-All China Games-57 first place

19 years old 2020-Olympic national team final selection-57kg first place (Note: Olympic and world rankings updated to 2021/03)

20 years old 2021 2020 Tokyo Olympics 57kg women's taekwondo bronze medal