What is AeroDry Technology?

AeroDry 技術

AeroDry Awards

This technology won the 2022iF Design Award and the 2022 Edison Award

What is AeroDry Technology?

It is an epoch-making technology jointly developed by 2124 and Taiwan TTRI Synthetic Spinning. It uses the patented Digital Tex® functional ink and uses a special digital non-marking printing method to make the fabric produce hydrophilic and hydrophobic physical effects. It is not only durable and washable, but also More breathable.


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The Secret to Extremely Fast Drying

When the body sweats after exercise, the clothes will automatically produce a 3D three-dimensional fast-drying structure due to the characteristics of AeroDry, and an air flow channel will be created between the fabric and the skin. In addition to reducing the sticky feeling, the sweat discharge and drying speed will be greatly accelerated. Make the exercise process more comfortable.

Environmental friendly
Save energy, reduce carbon, love the earth

We are committed to environmentally friendly technology, so AeroDry is made using a more environmentally friendly digital printing method. The production process can reduce chemical additives by 30%, water consumption by 80%, and carbon emissions by 60%. 2124 is in the design process More environmentally friendly recycled fabrics are used to make effective use of resources.

New Generation AeroDry COOL

The next-generation nano-synthesis technology developed by TTRI, in addition to retaining the original characteristics of AeroDry, combines the fabric with the heat-absorbing molecule Xylitol to produce an endothermic reaction while absorbing sweat, which can reduce the temperature of the part of the clothing in contact with the skin, allowing It can achieve the effect of "real coolness" when wearing it.

Aero Dry Cool