Movement and Emotion


It's finally going into winter,
Has the busy schedule at the end of the year compressed the time for exercise? 😵‍💫

But I highly recommend that you use the pressure you suffer during the day to vent out with exercise at night~
This is why the gym and playground are always overcrowded at night? !

Stress relief is not just a feeling, it is a well-founded research 🤓! !

Stress and emotional regulation are very important #hormone ,
They are #serotonin (Serotonin) and #dopamine (dopamine).

Serotonin mainly regulates emotions, anger, aggression, sleep, libido, appetite...etc.
Studies have also pointed out that if serotonin is reduced, there will be a tendency towards depression.

The human body also has another reward mechanism is dopamine,
Mainly regulate lust, make people happy and satisfied,
Bring a sense of accomplishment, pleasure, joy, touch, and improve learning ability and work efficiency,
Because it is a neurotransmitter that causes desire,
When the concentration is low, the mood will also be low.
Addiction to things has also been confirmed to be related to dopamine.

Exercise can simultaneously increase the secretion and regulation of dopamine and serotonin,
With regular exercise, the maximum heart rate will reach 60% to 80%.

It can stimulate the secretion of serotonin and make people feel happy.
It is also helpful against depression.

Hansen, Stevens, & Coast, 2001 research pointed out that,
After 10 minutes of aerobic exercise, fatigue and negative emotions can be improved,
The effect will reach the highest after 20 minutes, so #运动时间不要长,也#doesn’t require high intensity ,
#选择你的suitable way , #Maintain regular training every day , you can increase the concentration of dopamine.

#After all, if exercise causes you stress, it’s not worth the candle!

There are also different benefits such as:
• Improved physical fitness • Improved strength and endurance • Easier weight management • Improved sleep quality • Satisfied sense of accomplishment • Better ability to cope with stress

The way to control your mood is actually in your own hands.
So feeling down, anxious,
Get yourself some exercise, eat well, get enough sleep,
Elevating endocrine hormones can effectively improve,

But if the physical and mental depression lasts for too long, you still need to seek the assistance of a professional doctor.

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Source: Hansen, CJ, Stevens, LC, & Coast, JR (2001). Exercise duration and mood state: how much is enough to feel better? Health Psychol, 20(4), 267-275. doi:10.1037// 0278-6133.20.4.267