Does heavy training keep you from sleeping?


It is speculated that high-intensity weight training will affect sleep that night,
Herrick et al., 2018's study measured sleep quality through polynomial sleep detection,
Respectively in the mechanical chest press and mechanical leg press #sports day and
not playing sports #off day
To compare whether resistance training will affect the sleep of middle-aged and elderly people on the same day,
As a result, it was found that after resistance training
There was no significant difference in sleep whether it was #rapid eye movement sleep (REM) or #non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM) (Table 1.),
Even if the exercise intensity reaches 80% of 1RM resistance training
It will not affect the sleep structure of the day,
The quality of sleep will not be reduced due to resistance training,
Improve the overall sleep quality through long-term physical adaptation,
Resistance training training as an exercise prescription for care of middle-aged and older adults,
will not cause additional burden,
It has no effect on the sleep of the day, but it will help significantly in the long run.
(Table 1. The effect of resistance training on the sleep of the day (Herrick et al., 2018))
The research of Viana et al.2012 found that
The resistance exercise of the day will have a certain degree of impact on the sleep of the day.
will cause the proportion of sleep in the first stage to decrease,
At the same time, it will make the sleep deeper and the number of awakenings per hour is lower than that of the control group,
and cause a reduction in REM sleep,
The difference in the results may be due to the different status of the subjects themselves and the
caused by different exercise intensities,
It may also be that the effect of a single exercise is different from that of a long-term intervention,
Further studies are still needed to verify.
But the mechanism behind it remains a complex issue,
Studies have speculated that through exercise training, by increasing daily energy expenditure,
#brainendorphinsecretion or #increase core body temperature to improve sleep quality (Li et al., 2004),
Although the mechanism is still unclear,
But the effect is very significant,
Exercise can be a very effective non-drug sleep-promoting treatment,
Improve overall sleep status.
My conclusion:
Exercise is not something that should stress you out,
When you feel sorry for yourself for not exercising today, then you should try to let go of this anxiety,
If you feel like you've been exercising too much today and can't sleep, then you should take a good rest the next day!
These studies are sort of #mythbusters ,
If exercising can make you fall asleep faster and take less medicine, maybe start seeing?
There is always no harm, right~?
But if the exercise is too vigorous, you will still be too excited when lying in bed,
Then consider reducing your weight!
Welcome to share what you do to fall asleep, let's chat~