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Zhenzhen has a lively, cheerful and friendly personality. She has been a gifted student with excellent grades since she was a child. She graduated from the Engineering Management Department of National Taiwan University and started working in a well-known foreign company. Helping more people through fitness, so I came up with the idea of ​​changing jobs.

"What I like very much is that it can bring positive influence to others. When my existence today can make others live a better life and make a small part of his life continue to improve, I think this is very, very Great ☺️”—Zhen Zhen

Coach Zhenzhen, who teaches in a warm and encouraging way, is best at functional movement guidance, linking movements with daily life, emphasizing first learning the movements and then gradually increasing the weight, allowing students to slowly discover their own changes and progress from the awareness of the body, While making progress, you can also cultivate confidence in your body and mind.

When I met with Coach Zhenzhen, I asked her what questions are most often asked by students. Let me share with you today!

Q1: Coach, I don't want to be too strong:

Editor: The first question is really super common. Even though the current fitness trend has been preached for a long time, getting stronger is not an easy task, but I still hear from time to time that I don’t want to exercise because I’m afraid of training too strong (especially girls), how do you usually answer when students ask this question?

Zhenzhen: After training for a period of time, students will know that it is not so easy to become strong, so the coach is actually not very good at answering this question (XD)

Q2: You look thin, why do you still exercise/fitness?

Editor: Usually people think that the purpose of fitness is to lose weight. Some people also think that if you are already very thin, why do you still need to exercise?

Zhenzhen: In addition to reducing fat, the most important thing in fitness is to increase muscle. Building muscle is also a way to prepare for aging in the future, and it also has a bonus effect on health! And it can also improve some small problems like back pain! (Off-topic) But it doesn’t matter if everyone associates fitness with the pursuit of a good body, because human beings are inherently lazy (not three meals a long time ago) In the ancient times when there was something to eat, it was necessary to avoid consuming the calories stored in the body because of moving, so as not to be hungry when the next meal was not available), and it would be very helpful to look at fitness from a social perspective Well, you can increase your fitness motivation, and in addition to pursuing a good posture, you can also get a healthy body at the same time.

Q3: How does the coach lose weight?

Editor: Well, partial weight loss is really a question that must be asked for thousands of years...

Zhenzhen: A lot of students will ask me if I want to lose belly fat, should I do this exercise, if I want to lose thigh weight, should I do that exercise, or how to turn fat into muscle... But in fact, muscle and fat are different tissues , so there is no mutual conversion. If you want to lose weight, you can do more leg training, because the leg muscles account for a large proportion and consume more calories. In addition, you need to pay attention to your diet.

Let me share with you the Q&A frequently asked by Coach Zhenzhen

Coach Zhenzhen

In addition to her friendly and careful teaching methods, Zhenzhen has also been constantly striving for excellence in fitness-related fields. In addition to obtaining a professional fitness instructor certificate, she also has the following study experience:

Professional license:
ACE—CPT American Council on Exercise—Personal Trainer Certification
NASM—CES American National Sports Medicine Association—Motion Correction Specialist Certification

Study experience:
GMS—upper body/lower body/core
Respiratory Assessment and Movement Integration
AMA Athlete Movement Evaluation System—Upper Body/Lower Body/Integration
Anatomy Train—Fascial Training
Stark's Fascia Kinesiology—Thoracolumbar Fascia/Upper Extremity/Lower Extremity/Respiration
KAT - corrective exercise
Feldenkrais - awareness in motion
RPR Reflexive Performance Reset
Flossband Voodoo Band Workshop
Application of motion-seeking neuroscience theory / redefining training mode
Animal Flow Animal Flow Level 1
Physical Fitness Guidance Workshop for Pregnant Women

Finally, Zhenzhen would like to tell everyone, don’t worry about how to maintain a stable and continuous exercise. Exercise is like a relationship with a friend. You don’t have to worry about how to maintain a stable relationship with it. The work is very busy. Okay, you should do your own work first. For a moment, when you are free one day, remember to make an appointment to have a chat. Don't know when the next party is? It doesn't matter, it's right to make an appointment to get together this time. Although it is true that there is no stable exercise habit, it can be improved, and the effect of too little exercise is not obvious, but these problems will not be meaningful until you start.

For those of you who are reading this article, if you have other fitness-related questions, please don’t be shy, you can private message us to ask Coach Zhenzhen!

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