Be Cool Sweater (Arctic White)
Be Cool Sweater (Arctic White)

Be Cool Sweater (Arctic White)

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The coming and going of the wind is up to you, sun protection and fan two-in-one clothing

It comes with a fan, breathable and sun-proof , so you can wear it across three seasons! Summer sun-proof jackets are UV-resistant, but the body is also like being stuffed in an oven. Carrying an extra fan is redundant and troublesome. The cool and light windbreaker was born from this.

Adhering to Less is More . It is a coat that can span the whole year. It is cool in summer and windproof in spring and autumn, reducing the trouble of changing seasons and going out.

The length of the neckline has been measured and continuously improved to find the best ratio.

Let the wind take the sultry air out of the body through the neckline, maintaining the cool air in the jacket.

There are not many pockets, but each is practical !

The place where things are most often placed, allows you to take them as soon as you touch them , and become the most handsome knight under the traffic lights!

When the fan is put on, the pocket is fastened to the hidden buckle on the belly, which is a generally easy-to-use pocket.

When the fan is disassembled, the pocket is buckled back to block the fan hole, and the jacket is still handsome and stylish !

The onion-style dressing method that is most suitable for the temperature in Taiwan makes it easier and more convenient for you to go out, and put your mind on other places!

Excellent breathability, refreshing and non-sticky , more moisture-absorbing and perspiration-wicking functions, complementing the fan airflow for extra comfort.

Gravitation, the No. 1 brand of air-conditioning clothing in Japan, is designed for wearable devices.

The best quality and lightest fan, single 81g , light weight without burden!

The fan module can adjust three wind speeds, and the wind volume is in your control!

With Avier Color Mix 1000 power bank, the longest battery life can reach 6 hours! From Taipei to Chiayi, you are the coolest in Haixian!

From the date of shipment, the fan module is guaranteed for one year , so you can use it with peace of mind. As long as there is any problem during the warranty period, we will provide replacement service!

【Instructions for using the product】

  • Before washing the Be cool sweater, please disassemble the fan and its power cable. The fan and the cable cannot be washed!
  • The Gavitation fan module itself does not have a battery, and needs to be connected to a mobile power supply when using it.
  • The Gavitation fan is not waterproof, so it cannot be washed with the jacket or exposed to rain.
  • Gavitation fan disassembly and assembly demonstration video, please refer to the video .
  • Gravitation fans need to be used with a mobile power supply above 5V 2A.